Monday, February 1, 2016

el primero de febrero 2016

this week was long. probably because we didn´t have lot of breaks, it was just 
go, go, go every moment. i finally had a good study this morning and i feel so 
much better. we worked with the sister leaders, we went to managua and were 
almost late for a meeting with president because of a traffic jam, we had a chat 
with our zone leaders about sister naumu´s health, what else. soo much more.

the next transfer date is not until march 9, so sister naumu and i still have some 
time together. :)

a favorite person this week... karen and keyling are making another appearance.
 it´s great to have some members who understand us and who have been on the 
mission before so that they can help us give us new ideas. last night, they came 
and picked up some stuff from our house, and we had fun taking pictures in the street... 

karen, hermana naumu (who doesn´t like pictures), keyling, and me.

big success, well. we made it to managua on tuesday in time and safely. we got 
stuck in a really bad traffic jam after an accident. lots of hurried cars and not a lot 
of room to keep the traffic moving, it took forever to get into managua. a forty 
five minute trip took us almost two hours.... 

tender mercy. i got to get better! we found out that the stomach pains i have been 
having are due to a little parasitic friend that i picked up, but thanks to some heavy 
duty, human approved parasite killers, i am feeling much better. it´s ruined my appetite 
for dinner, but i'm getting better.

the scripture that wins the title is doctrine and covenants 30. i read it this morning, 
and my head immediately turned it into a tiny little interview...

have i feared man more than God?
do i rely on them for strength, or do i rely on Him?
is my mind on the things of the earth or in the things of my Maker?
is my mind in the work i was called to do?
have i given heed to the spirit?
have i been persuaded by those of whom have not been commanded by my Maker?
do i fear in my moment to open my mouth?
do i head the words and advice of my leaders?
am i afflicted with my companion in her afflictions?
do i pray always?
am i diligent?
do i open my mouth to proclaim His gospel with the voice of a trump?
do i fear what man can do?

because the blessings are these::
i am with you
the power to build up His church among the Lamanites
an eternal life.

i know these things are true. we were called to be here in these days to share our testimonies.

hermana graves

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