Monday, February 22, 2016

el 22 de Febrero

I will start off by saying sorry that you received lots of emails this week, but 
myldsmail supposedly freaked out. All is well in Zion, well almost.

This week was a long one, but mostly because we didn't have a normal schedule. 
Monday we spent all day cleaning the house for interviews, and then Tuesday we 
spent all afternoon in the Stake Center in Jinotepe waiting for interviews and things 
of that sort. My interview was something that I needed to hear, and was a huge eye 
opener to the things that I still have to change. Wednesday and Thursday were, 
thankfully, normal, and Friday we spent a great part of the afternoon with our possibility 
for this weekend, giving him the commandment download. Pray that Carlos stays strong 
with his commitment to keep the Word of Wisdom, please?

I did not get transferred, but transfers aren't for a few more weeks. The day after Mom's 
birthday will be the faithful day to know if I will be leaving El Rosario. 

My companion continues to be having lots of health problems. Her stomach continues to 
hurt, and her voice has completely disappearted. We (well, I) pray each time we pray 
together that she gets better, knowing that the Lord will answer the humble servant's 
prayer in his timing. 

Our biggest success, is that we had a successful baptismal interview. We will have the 
opportunity to help Carlos be baptized this Saturday, with the hopes of having another 
as well. The Elders came and helped us (after getting semi-lost in the El Rosario Backwoods) 
and failed several times to make contact while attempting to high five. I decided it was funny 
enough to take a picture... Elder Sanchez is from El Salvador, and he's our District Leader. 
Elder Mattaalii is my faithful Zone Leader and he's from LA, California. (He's a BYU fan... ewwww)

A tender mercy was my interview with President Russell. He made some good points of
things that I need to change to change my stress level. He asked me, "How much more 
does He need to put on your shoulders before you come unto Him?"  And that's the question 
that I would like to do to all of you... How much more does He have to put on our plates 
before we ask for His help?

Nelson may have to take the prize for favorite person. We called him on Thursday and he 
made all the changes so that he could come back to El Rosario to talk with us. We called
 him again last night, and he's keeping all the commandments. Now to just help him get baptized....

A favorite scripture goes along a little with the question... hebrews 2:18
::For in that he himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to succour them that are tempted.::

a favorite thing i ate: tuna noodle salad. we changed lunch citas, and this sister has been 
great to give us new things. this was straight out of my childhood, so i was all good.

i love you all and wish for the best!
hermana graves

The Elders' failed high five, and the delicious lunch!

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