Monday, February 29, 2016

29 de Febrero 2016

leap day!
this week was actually long. which is not normal on the mission. and let me tell you why!
tuesday was an adventure. we started the afternoon off with some really delicious 
potato salad, with beets, eggs, carrots, and potatoes.yumm... we had some plans to 
help nelson, a young man about my age, get baptized this weekend, but when we 
got there to do an interview, we had some troubles finding him. so we went and 
contacted some less actives while we waited for him to get back to the house. while 
entering a less active´s home, the neighbor started screaming that he was going to 
call the police because he had a signed document saying that we weren´t allowed to
 be there. funny, because i had never met the man. while saying the closing prayer, 
he came running out, screaming and shouting that we were violating the law and that 
he was going to call the police. the less active and her daughter came running to the 
door to try and hide us and while the cranky old man went running in the get said 
document, we made a speedy exit. come to find out that nelson was sleeping and so 
we made a ¨quick¨ visit to carlos´s house to verify everything. (quick note, nelson and 
carlos literally live on opposite ends of our area...) but we made it, like an hour late, but 
he was waiting for us, book of mormon out and the seats all ready. it was soo adorable. 
we taught him the gospel of jesus christ, and then were on the run back out to meet with 
nelson. all in vain, because nelson had gotten drunk on sunday after we had called him 
and left for rivas on wednesday morning.... fallen baptismal date for this weekend. what a day.
wednesday was a weird day because we did our weekly planning session. we had our lesson 
with carlos to verify some commandments and some loose ends for the baptism this saturday. 
a member, sister maria esther, even let us use her patio to have the lesson because the church 
was closed.
thursday we spent all day in managua practically. we had a multizone meeting with Elder Ochoa, 
the first counselor in the Central America Area Presidency. talk about a neat experience. there
 just aren´t words for the all the questions that i got answered. i got a package and got to share 
some valentine´s day love from the family with the whole zone. (don´t worry, the m&m´s stayed
 in my and sister naumu´s control...) we had some quick lessons and then had to call it a day. i 
was so exhausted that night that i was literally falling asleep in our less active lessons....
friday was a busy day, starting with sister naumu´s magical rain poncho. she had a lot of fun trying 
it on, and i busted a gut the entire time... a district meeting, and then going to work, trying to make 
up for numbers and to get things ready for the baptism. but we were able to find a member reference 
and have a great opportunity to teach the restoration to them. then it was an emergency trip out to 
carlos because he couldn´t make it to el rosario, where we taught him the plan of salvation. he was 
waiting for us, even if we did have to have the lesson sitting on the curb.
saturday, my companion completed two weeks without a voice. the nurse said that it should 
be coming back any day now, so she prescribed some mucinex to help with the cough for now. 
then we got a call at 9am, ¨hermanas, no hay agua en la capilla.¨ translation, sisters there is no 
water in the chapel. AAHHHH. start the search with the bishop for water **here**. the district 
leader came and got lost in our area trying to help us sign our baptism record, and was able 
to help us organize with the zone leaders to have carlos´s baptism with them at the same time. 
the only member we had from el rosario present was the ward mission leader, but i am not going 
to complain. it was super last minute. it was raining, but i didn´t have to shout over the rain this 
time. by some miracle, we got everything figured out and CARLOS GOT BAPTIZED! repeat, 
we had a baptism. see attached gleaming photos, please. then it was back to work, and to run 
some errands, which proved pointless because the medicine was rancid... gotta love nicaraguans.

sunday was a joy because we had a confirmation. carlos is now a member! but we also didn´t 
have progressing investigators in church, so now we have to work double time and smarter to 
prepare for march. also, yesterday my first convert, Andy, completed his first year as a member. 
the missionaries in loma linda tell me he is still firm and steadfast in church. :)
today, we had a district activity, so we went to lunch and played soccer. this is our fail at a 
championship football team picture. three latins and six wannabes. whatcha gonna do?
2 timothy 2:3-4
::Thou therefore endure hardnessas good soldier of Jesus Christ. No man that warreth 
entangleth himself with the affairs of this life;that he may please him who hath chosen him to 
be soldier.::
lots of love,
hermana graves

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