Sunday, December 14, 2014

querida hermana

i haven't met you yet, but i soon will.
i love you already.

you are kind, sweet, and chosen of god
to serve these kind people of nicaragua.

you will help me and guide me
to know what to do.

you will show me and teach me
how to serve and to care.

you will correct me and
push me to do what i can
to aid and help these kind people.

please know that i love you,
even though i might not say.

please know that i don't intentionally try
to hurt you or push you too far.

i do have to warn you though.
i grew up in the south,
and i have an a-tti-tude.
i have a {little} bit of sass
and love little facts.

i remember random things,
just don't ask me why.
i love you already,
just don't ask me how.

i have a twin sister,
who is my best friend
but i hope that we can be friends,
so i won't miss her so much.

i'm crazy and loud,
and tend to speak out of turn.
but i'll follow you wherever you go
because you are my companion.