Monday, January 25, 2016

el 25 de Enero

this week was really nice here. it was chilly, and i actually wore a long 
sleeved sweater all day one day. the people here say that colder weather 
is still to come, so i am in heaven!
a favorite scripture from this week... 
2 nephi 10:13
::and he that fighteth against zion shall perish, saith god.::

a tender mercy. that we actually got a p-day today. we went to managua 
this morning for a conference with elder craig christiansen from the 
presidency of the seventy. it was really nice to hear his councel, but it 
would have been even better if i could have gotten a little bit more sleep.
 i only got about four hours of solid sleep last night... yeah....
a favorite person. hermana garfield. she´s in the same district as me again 
and it´s been really cool to chat and catch up. she´s with one of the other 
sisters who was in our new meeting, and it´s been really fun to share experiences 
and catch up. there just isn´t enough said through an email....
goals for this week: work with the members. i am tired of saying it, but we have 
to do it. too many weeks without success...
we had a really rough experience when our baptismal possibility went from positive, 
to shaky, to complete belly flop in a course of twelve hours. we went in on saturday 
morning to set up everything and he said he wanted to do it later in the evening, so 
we went along with it. we showed up a few minutes early, and he had left the house. 
two hours of searching and waiting and he didn´t come home. needless to say we had 
to swallow some rough pills from exhausted leaders and it was rough. if you have a 
spare prayer, keep us in them.
sorry for the lack of pictures. just a crazy week. but i love you all!
hermana graves

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