Monday, January 4, 2016

el 4 de Enero

feliz ano nuevo, everybody!

well that was fun. this week, there wasn't a letter from mom, 
so i will just have to wing it. 

this week was a little crazy, because they celebrate here a crazy 
little thing called the new year, with fireworks in a dummy, and 
horses and bulls. yeah, it was crazy!

my sd card got a virus, so i'm currently praying that a member can clean 
my year's worth of pictures and save them. they are my only copy so 
i hope that all goes well!

my favorite person this week... a little girl whose name is adriana. we had 
a good, long needed laugh when she lost a one cordaba coin, about the 
size of a quarter, where the sun don't shine. it was really funny because 
she's only about two years old and just didn't understand.... 

a favorite scripture, from 2 thessalonians 3:7
::For yourselves know how ye ought to follow us: for we behaved not 
ourselves disorderly among you::

please take a moment to realize that paul used sarcasm in the bible. 
this made my day.

a most tender mercy. i had a great experience with a fulfillment of a promise given 
to me in various blessing i have received in preparation for my mission. saturday 
afternoon we were headed out to visit a convert when i had the feeling of someone 
pulling on my backpack from behind. i knew that my companion was a few steps 
behind me, so it wasn't a thief. the thoughts then came to stop. i stopped and then
 my companion did as well. i looked at her, and said "i have the feeling we should 
leave. what do you think?" it didn't take her more than fifteen seconds to look around,
 and make the quickest three sixty i have ever seen. we don't know why we weren't 
supposed to go down the path, but we were told not to and we were protected. 

we are struggling right now to bring people to church, so if you are the praying type,
 pray that we can find people that are going to progress and that our investigators 
keep their commitments. i know that these things are sent here for a reason, and that 
i was called to be a missionary here, specifically for a purpose.

as i complete a year away from home, it has caused me to place a lot of thinking into 
what i want to do with what i have left of a mission. i feel like there is a lot of things still 
to do, and i know that i have not fought the final fight.

i love you all, hermana graves

happy new year from the district!

cowboys and bulls my friends...

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