Friday, February 13, 2015

el 30 de enero

Note: The Mom is a few weeks behind for posting.

this week was a rough one. the lord works in mysterious ways and i needed a humbling week.

sunday's devotional was awesome. stephen b. allen, the managing director of the missionary department, the man literally oversaw the writing of preach my gospel and the district (some of the training material that missionaries use). he is so awesome. i have so many great notes that i just wish i could share with all of you. but, these are the best ones:

-do not be your judge and jury
-polishing is sometimes painful, but He's turning you into someone He needs you to be.
-ask yourself: was the spirit the senior companion today? or the junior companion? or was he even in the companionship today?

elder irvine left the mtc on tuesday, and monday night he caught me outside of my dorm. after some well wishes, he looked me square in the eye and asked me: do you need anything from me? and it hit me, this elder has it figured out; what this mission is all about. it's not about us going out and sharing the gospel. it's about being the lord's hands. being in tune with the spirit and knowing what others need.

tuesday, larry kacher, from the second quorum of the seventy, came and it was another great devotional.

-what do you do to give yourself to the Lord?
-are you trusted of the Lord?
-make sure you represent the Lord to the missionaries, not the missionaries to the Lord.
-everything is done according to your faith.
-if the spirit is not present, i have the authority to invite the Spirit into the room.

hermana nistler loves this face, so we of course they had to do their best impressions...

the cutest sisters in the mtc: hermana cornell, hermana nistler, hermana garcia, hermana millett, himself, hermana garfield, and hermana smith

some of the elders in our zone. this is just so totally them.
elder coltrin, elder muirbrook, elder rue, elder jungers, elder ipson, elder poulson, and elder rankin

i love this gospel and i love the learning experiences that i am having here. it's going to be a great week. this church is true!

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