Friday, January 30, 2015

Almost half way through the MTC

​​this week, what to even say about this week...

excellent news!! the only thing that I need to get into Nicaragua is $10. I will need a visa to leave the country in 18 months, but this means that February 16th, I will be headed to see the people in Nicaragua!!

another apostle came and visited on Tuesday, which means there was a lot of people ready to sing in the choir. i love it! we sing songs as a congregation as prelude hymns, and we always get to sing the ones similar to "behold! a royal army" and "i'll go where you want me to go," songs totally focused on missionary work. there is such a tangible spirit there during every devotional. M. Russell Ballard addressed the missionaries in MTCs worldwide, and one of the things he shared has really stuck out to me. He said that when you are having a bad day, think about the time that Joseph Smith spent in Liberty Jail. write a letter to comfort Joseph, Hyrum and others there and see how small your problems become. 
These are my saving graces. The hymns bring such a peace to my life, and the scriptures are the place that I find the answers my soul is searching for.

all i can say is, thank you to mom and a patient piano teacher that got on me to learn the hymns. saturday night at dinner, guess who got asked to play the piano for sacrament meeting the next day? if you are pointing a finger back a missionary, you are correct! and thank goodness that my companion and i had remembered to go back to the room and grab my talk, or i would have been toast. i guess playing music in sacrament meeting, doesn't excuse you from speaking in spanish either.... 

three new investigators in a week make for some very interesting and some very stressful study times, but somehow we taught five lessons this week and the spirit was present during all of them. we have figured out that the better our spanish becomes, the worse our english becomes. there has to be a sacrifice somewhere, and my english grammar and spelling are suffering.

i proudly have the first vision and the missionary purpose memorized in espanol. while sharing about the first vision with an investigator, she thought that we sounded a little bit like ghosts, and i haven't quite decided how to take it yet...

We were supposed to be working, but you see that that wasn't really what was happening. This picture also kind of just sums up the entire companionship...

During a break between class, I found the mysterious Elder Nelson. He and I grew up in the same small town and are headed to the same mission. Oddly enough, we never knew each other before the MTC. 

One night, we had some extra time, so Hermana Garfield and Hermana Cornell wanted me to play with their hair. Nothing fancy, but Hermana Garfield didn't know how to even express her excitement.

plus, look who I finally caught a picture with! Sorry, it's super zoomed out, but an Elder took the picture, so.....

all is well, and I can't wait for the 16th of February. (and yet, I could wait....)

lots of love,
the tennessee Hermana

NOTE FROM MOM: I'm sorry 2 of the pictures are sideways. I can't get them to rotate nor to download from the folder where I rotated them from.

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