Monday, June 6, 2016

el 6 de junio

let's just be real here. we started june. that means there are less than six weeks until i will be home. calming down now...

this week was actually really smooth. tuesday we got the news that sister vasquez and i will be together another change, ie sister vasquez will have the honor of killing the tennessee hermana. about half of my missionary friends finished their missions on wednesday, and it was a huge eye opener that i will a part of the next group. ten american and three latin elders and then four sisters will be the grand going away part on the thirteenth of july... can you believe it will be here so soon?!

thursday and friday were kind of fun because we went out in a trio with some laurels. here in the mission, the sisters have to be eighteen years old to go out on splits with the sister missionaries, but we are allowed to go out and visit with the laurels if we got out in three. it was interesting to see how the home of a teenager opens up when you walk in with someone they know. i think it's less threatening. but we had good experiences, and one actually went to church with us this weekend, so go friendshipping!

saturday was kind of a day full of miracles. we went out to visit an investigator that we had let pass from tuesday to saturday without a visit. (here, we usually don't let an investigator who is progressing go two days without at least a phone call.) with the rains that have been nonstop since monday evening, it's been difficult to make it all the way out where to her. but we found her and her coworker in a good place. marta and wilber had gone a whole week without drinking coffee, but friday afternoon a friend came over and asked marta to make a pot for all. they partook, and friday night couldn't sleep until one am, and woke up at three am. it's kind of fun sometimes to see how God chastizes the wicked. but He has also been working some miracles in their lives the last couple of weeks, too. a steady job for wilber, and some help in some property issues for marta. god is good, that's all i am going to say. 

this week, i took the chance one morning to study about the atonement and repentance. something that i came to recognize is this:
repentance is not an :all-at-once: type of change. it's a process that requires our effort and our faith that hte Lord will use His mercy to forgive us. when we truly understand the Atonement of our Lord and Savior, we understand the amazing price at which repentance comes. Christ bled from every pore. He suffered hours of torture in order to more perfectly know how to succor the children of God. the only thing that impeads us from escaping, leaving, our garden of gethsemane is understanding and recognizing that someone before you already has suffered there.
alma 7:11-14

then, we got to explain to several investigators just exactly how it is that man can receive wisdom from god, and it came out something like this:
our father in heaven knows you. he loves you and wants you to have success. there is no greater joy than to see his sons and daughters acting and preparing for an eternal life with him. for that reason, he sent his son, so that it all could be remotely possible. the atonement is a bleach for all our scarlet sins. all may be removed, forgotten, overcome. as we search daily to come closer to god, we can receive guidance from on high to know what we should do. answers to prayesr will come with more frecuency. impressions from the spirit will come with great power and you will know that what you are doing is or is not pleasing to our god.
isaiah 1:18

this week, we probably walked at least forty miles. all on foot too, because the buses here don't help us too much. good old feet, and some sturdy shoes!

because of aforementioned rain, every little ray of sunshine has to be taken advantage of, or your clothes don't get dry. i took advantage of some early morning sunshine to wash some clothes and a towel that badly needed to be washed, but the rain soon moved in and i forgot about said towel... these are the results...

lots of love, with a crazy picture from the compa!
hermana graves

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