Monday, June 20, 2016

el 20 de junio

i am going to apologize for the lack of pictures. we chose another cyber today instead of the chapel because i have my final interview. (for all you missionary friends, you know what's going on. and for those of you who don't, it's probably better.)

this week was actually full of nightmares that a missionary has. not being able to work in their area, fallen baptismal dates, the works. but let's start with the very beginning....

monday: we moved houses. we wrote really late. and we had to stay up late to organize the house and get it into a sleepable state.

tuesday: get up and organize the house so that we could study. breakfast was limited because we hadn't been able to buy anything to eat. not living in a pulperia really stinks... the zone leaders surprised us with divisions and so we got to work with them. all work and not too many results. but we were able to meet with our "bishop" and organize our work with theirs to retain our converts, help the ward progress. that night, at 10:30, exactly at bedtime, the hermana training leaders called and asked us to come and work with them the next day.

wednesday: five fifteen am, get up and get out the door before the six thirty alarm. we worked with the hermana leaders in their area, and it was kind of interesting to work in a trio again. it's not something i enjoy because there is always a third wheel in the situation, no matter how hard to try not to. we enjoyed chatting about the mission from the viewpoint of a veteran, a leader and a newbie. o how the tables have turned.

thursday: was seminormal. get up, get back to the house and attempt to think straight. by this time, i was exhausted and i didn't have a lot of patience for anything out of the ordinary. we found some new investigators, and had a really neat experience. macelino, our only progressing investigator, lives with his sister and their father. macelino sr had a raging temperature and his sister had asked us to pray for him earlier in the week. we went in on thursday with the intent to help him spiritually and maybe physically so we taught the family the word of wisdom. word came out that macelino sr has a renal infection which is causing the major fever. a commitment to stop drinking coffee was well placed, and a commitment to be baptized. he said he'd pray.

friday: we were out of the house all day, working and verifying and finding, and working. all was normal.

saturday: is always crazy and we spent all day getting ready for sunday. the primary song has a new meaning guys. 

sunday: long day. one in church, but he's a little miracle. go macelino go. i just hope that this week never repeats.

i love you all. this week was rough, and i am sorry if it's a little downer. 

doctrine and covenants 90:24

hermana graves

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