Tuesday, July 28, 2015

el 27 de Julio

this week... i will apologize in advance. there will be no photos 
until next week. i forgot to bring me adapter for my memory 
card! whoops!

this week was different. celebrating a birthday in the mission is 
the weirdest thing, because there is no cake, no presents wrapped 
in bows or wrapping paper, and no family. but then you have 
some gems like maria, ana maria and maryuri, who love you, and 
it makes it a little bit better! maria, ana maria, and maryuri are 
grandma, mom, and daughter, respectively. maryuri has the same 
birthday as me, and amidst the torrential downpour outside, maria 
and ana maria prepared a birthday lunch, almost exactly like one 
from hermana gladiz's kitchen. i'll sent a picture next week! i 
decided to share the gummy bears i got in my birthday package, 
because who needs five pounds of gummy bears to themselves? 
not me! turns out that gummy bears are a relatively new thing to 
nicas, and it was a lot of fun to introduce them to Lisbeth, Teresa, 
Geovanny, and Moises. 

something that we are really struggling with is our companionship, 
so if you could include us in your prayers, that could be of a lot 
of help.

a sweet tender mercy? rain for my birthday. i know that sounds 
weird, but it reminded me that even when the weather is hard, 
and the streets are full of water and trash, i can still have a smile 
on my face, because i am the lord's servant. rain or shine, the work 
goes on, and there is no other option. the storm was really bad, 
and reminded me a lot of the thunderstorms we have in tennessee 
in the spring. i will miss another spring in tennessee, but the summer 
storms are almost as wonderful. it reminds me of the primary song,

:i like to look for rainbows whenever there is rain and ponder on the 
beauty of an earth made clean again. i want my life to be as clean as 
earth right after rain.
i want to be the best i can and live with god again.::

i want my life to be as clean as earth right after rain. there is no other 
better smell than the air after a good rain. the rain brings turmoil, but 
the calm after the storm is always the most comforting.

some goals... do the laundry today! and not have to work about it 
tomorrow, or during the week. also serve my companion. change the 
way i think to make it a more positive companionship and develop that 
christlike attribute of charity and love. 

i love you all more than words!
hermana graves

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