Monday, July 27, 2015

el 13 de Julio

woo! another week, really? sitting down, thinking about all the 
adventures i have had, i can see where all the time is going, but at 
the same time, yikes! slow down already!
a big success... getting over an upset tummy. this week, just for a 
couple of days, i got a little rumblies in my tumblies, and thanks to 
some good ol' pepto bismol and some tums, i am back on track. 
no fever, need to worry.
our biggest challenge... sunday night we had to have 12 lessons with 
investigators, 8 lessons with converts or less actives, and 40 contacts 
to complete with the standards of excellency. and what did we do? 
completed with almost all of our lessons, all of our contacts, and 
almost all of our recent converts. here, after nine oclock, everyone is 
in bed, doors closed and ready for bed... so it's kind of hard to find 
converts to talk with... and do you want to know why we were so in 
the pit with numbers? because we had a multi-zone meeting!
thursday we woke up at 4:30am, travelled an hour in a bus to get to 
managua, and spent all day with President and Sister Russell, learning 
and practicing, and doing a lot of listening. we even got special 
permission to watch Meet the Mormons in Spanish! i almost
 understood all of it, but thanks to having seen it two times before in 
the MTC, i had a basic understand of what was going on... of course, 
photos had to be taken, because i saw sister garfield!
here, we dress up real nice for activities like that, so of course i had 
to wear my $1 skirt, and my new shirt!
i also received my medallion, which certifies that i successfully 
completed my training as a missionary, almost three months late, 
but we won't talk about that.

a tender mercy... this week we found a brother of an investigator 
with lots of desires to learn and understand the church. he came to 
church, and was a little confused because the speakers got a little 
baptist-preacher like, but we ended up having a great discussion 
afterwards, and he is now on the path for a baptism the eighth of 
my favorite person this week, would be my mother. she taught me 
so many wonderful things in my childhood, and i am so glad that i 
was able to be born into a home where the gospel is so intertwined
 into everything. there is no other way to live the gospel... 
it's a way of life.

::For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abasedand he that 
humbleth himself shall be exalted.:: 

something that i am working always to do, is to emmulate more the 
attribute of christ. i am, after all, his representative, and i need to be 
more like him in every way. him that is humble will be exalted, and 
those who stand tall in pride, will be struck down and humbled 
i love you all, thank you all for your support!
hermana martinez and i send our love!
​the tennessee hermana

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