Monday, May 16, 2016

el 16 de mayo

this week we had interviews with President Russell, and for all those ex-missionaries, and for that current missionaries as well, know how much anticipation that can come from waiting for the interview. three months of waiting for his words, and it all comes down to about twenty minutes of question and answer. sometimes it's not all pretty. but something that i realized about three months ago is this: the mission president is just trying to help me gain my salvation and correct me along the way so that i can be a faithful and dedicated missionary. my tender mercy moment this week was my twenty minutes with president russell because it helped me realize how much he really does know me, one of the hundreds (almost a thousand) missionaries that he has had in the mission. it was great to have the time to talk about my area, talk about my concerns, and see how i can change. 

a favorite scripture from doctrine and covenants 38:41
::let your preaching be the warning voice, every man to his neighbor, in mildness and in meekness.::
every member a missionay, folks.

my favorite person this past week would have to be christ. i have been taking the opportunity during my personal studies to read from jesus the christ, a book that at first was just too daunting. but i starting reading it, and now i almost can't put it down. the love that the world's perfect man showed to die for us, and then humbly and patiently appear to his begriefed friends. these men and women didn't understand the doctrine of the resurrection, and the fact that the tomb was empty was something so big for them that it stopped all other possibly thinking processes. but slowly, one by one, christ helped them see past the empty tomb to the salvation and the light that stood beyond.

the hardest trial this week was seeing the missed opportunities. a small nagging comment in the back of my head had told me that we should go to one of the upper parts of our area. and i just kind of brushed it away. with the time, we found out that the elders success of 15 baptisms last weekend were all from our area. located exactly where the upper part of our area is. fifteen baptisms that counted for the elders, from our area.... it was hard to realize the consequences of ignoring the spiritual impressions.

a favorite food this week, cuajada. it's a super salty, creamy cheese. it's the white clump near the noodles in the food picture. this is something normal for lunch: corn tortilla, rice, and something like spaghetti noodles with cheese. yummmmm.....

i love you all more than words. this is the view from one of the edges of our area. the statue is of agusto sandino, one of the founders of a political parties here, and the arbol de la vida

hermana graves

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