Monday, April 11, 2016

el 11 de abril

going to apologize right now for the lack of pictures. dumb cyber...

this week was surprisingly long, and i don´t know why. but it was fun none the less.

things are going great! we had a training on wednesday on how to be bold and more like the elders, strong, direct and professional. we were given some tips on dressing like professional missionaries and the importance of our appearance. It was a little bit of a wake up call for me. not that my clothing is inapproriate, but there were somethings that i need to clean up. sister hussey got a haircut, and that was a little terrifying for her.

biggest challenge, getting people to church. we just for some reason didn´t commit as many people to church as normal, and we were only able to have four in church. we had some miracles happen, and had two investigators show up by themselves, and that was great! now to just work harder and smarter, bolder to get people to church.

favorite scripture. this week i started reading revelation, something i am trying to do with an open mind and with only the scriptures help to understand. something i came across that i love is found in revelations 3:19

:: As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.::

and another to go with, doctrine and covenants 105:6

::my people must needs be chastened until they learn obedience, if it must needs be, by the things which they suffer.::

something fun we did this week, fasting. it´s a little difficult in managua with all the heat that just surrounds you everywhere. we made it through though, with some help to a bag of ice. we had made milkshakes at like ten oclock on friday and so on saturday there still was some ice leftover. we took turns during planning to just let it drip down our faces and rub it all over our arms, legs and faces. good old body heat...

i love you more than words
hermana graves

trolling sughey at 10:15 at night... that's what you get when you go to bed early, chica!

trolling meyling, when she fell asleep on the couch at nine waiting for us to get in. crazy ladies!

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