Monday, December 21, 2015

el 21 de Diciembre

this week. was great. just almost picture perfect.

a favorite person this week... keiling. she is a sister in the ward 
who is the same age as i am and she´s a great reality check sometimes. 
i know that i am not the perfect teacher, and she´s helping me realize that 
i can do this and that i can survive these next ten days. being away from 
rachel is kind of hard, and seeing all the bridals just make it all really, really
 real. i love my family, but yikes! reality check for me... and keiling has 
been great. 

favorite scripture... please read 1 nephi 15:24-25. the word of god is your 
salvation. end of sentence.

the training is going great! we found a very large beetle this friday and he 
decided to die in our front lawn shortly after taking this picture. funny thing 
is we found another one not very far away who was dead also. i don´t know 
what kind of beetle he was, but he was a big one. hermana naumu had her first 
nacatamale, in true christmas spirit.

i got into the christmas spirit, and put this over tomorrow´s plans, because 
of the christmas devotional type thing we are going to have tomorrow. here, 
meeting in managua = all day thing = no work for sister naumu and sister graves.

a biggest challenge, getting to guiquiliapa, a little town in our area. it´s got a 
couple of less actives, and like any good missionary does, you try and active as 
many members as possible and baptize the nine+ year old kids. got to 
love re-activation! 

i love you guys all and i especially love this time of season. make sure to send 
me lots of pictures for christmas, and i am still missing lots of family pictures... 
love you all..

hermama graves

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