Monday, September 21, 2015

el 21 de Septiembre

my biggest success this week... I GET TO KEEP MY HIJA! repeating I GET TO KEEP MY HIJA! that means i get six more weeks with this loca :)

a tender mercy.... being protected by the lord's hand. friday, saturday, and sunday nights are always a little sketchy here, because alcohol isn't as strictly regulated as to who can buy it. saturday night we were going to visit a recent convert, but we decided to pass by our scheduled appointment for that hour. she wasn't able to meet with us right then, so we passed by another recent convert who lives across the street. not fifteen minutes later, a fight broke out at the house of the first recent convert. needless to say, we would have been in the middle of some serious family problems and in some serious danger, but the lord really protects his servants. 

my favorite person continues to change, but this week, it would have to be miguelito. he is the nephew of the sister who cooks for us, and always likes to run out, give us a hug, and offer us "besitos." it's the closest i'll get to getting a kiss for ten more months, so i'll take it! 

a favorite scripture... for those of you looking for marriage council, direction, or just a good ol' new testament machete, look up 1 corithians 7. please read it with an open mind.... ;)

something interesting... it's called sopa de res or beef soup. it has large chunks of vegetables and a huge hunk of beef bone. it's interesting to say the least and extremely greasy...

a goal this week would have to be to find a whole slew of new investigators. the sister leaders have placed a goal with us to place four baptismal dates each day... that's 28 new investigators. here we go!

i'm looking forward to the women's general meeting of general conference. there begins the spiritual health surge that i need.

a new picture... my hair has been acting so beautifully lately... i don't know what to think!

because we didn't know what was going to happen tuesday, we had a photoshoot. justin is miguelito's brother and he's quite the little gangster. me, on the other hand, i try too hard.

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