Monday, October 12, 2015

el 12 de Octubre

this week was a little bit of a roller coaster. we went to managua on tuesday and ended up spending almost all day in managua, i.e. we only had an hour to go to work. repeat, we had less than an hour of work. to all my missionary friends, you know what that means.

my investigators are progressing well, with one looking really postive for this weekend. lots of prayers that she can get her reassurance that this really is the truth.

my greatest success... i slept with a mosquito net and didn't suffocate. let me explain: the mission gave us mosquito nets and made it obligatory to sleep with them. although my mom had sent me one at the beginning of my mission, i never ever got my life together enough to pull it out of the package and hang it up. well, wednesday morning that we had to do. turns out that i have a little bit of clostrophia, but i made it to bed without too many problems. here's to not getting bit by a bed bug at night!

 one of my goals for the coming week is to become a more consacrated missionary. it's one of the things that we talked about during our meeting in managua on tuesday and i really look forward to putting it all into practice for the last half of my mission.... wait for it. that's right, you read it right...

i have been out on the mission nine months. 

crazy right?!

a favorite person... the person that decided to put a twist on minute to win it games and allow us to play them during our multi-zone meeting on tuesday. zona granada put it in the bag, eating five oreos, removing the tissues the fastest, and moving the cups the fastest.... 

elder mataalii and elder hartley, our zone leaders... sharing the load to work the hardest

hermana chi, strengthening her facial muscles to make a smile ;)

(this picture didn't load- oh,how I wish it had though) and me, working on who knows what... but just take a second and look at how much i look like my mother in this picture.... thank you..

a favorite scripture, lost but then again found in second corithians 5:6-7, 
::Therefore we are always confident, knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord: For we walk by faith, not by sight.::

while we are away from the lord, may we take confidence and walk by our faith, nothing wavering, to be led back home to him.

i know that this work is true, and may we all look for ways to share our lights with others

hermana graves

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