Monday, November 9, 2015

el 10 de Agosto

so how are things going with my companion... well great! i got  a new companion, her name is hermana liberato. she is from the dominican republic and she is fresh off the airplane from the MTC... yep! for all you ex-missionaries, or people who understand that lingo, it means that i am training hermana liberato. i am her mama, and she's my mija. it's been an adventure, something that i wasn't expecting until a little bit 
later in my mission. but here we are!

our greatest success, who have to be having
 six investigators in church! and an added 
bonus, two families! it was a struggle, but 
something that i am eternally grateful for. 
thank you for your prayers.

a tender mercy... this opportunity to train a new sister. not gonna lie!
for a favorite person, see the following photo taken wednesday:

a favorite scripture. one of the great things about the book of mormon, is that it answers the questions that come from the soul:where did i come from? why am i here? how can i have a better life? and one of my favorites what does christ expect of me? i had the opportunity to study in the scriptures to find these answers, and the answers that i found are something that i have been marking in the book of mormon when we give them to our investigators. i have totally spaced on where they all are right now, but i will make sure to send them to you next week!

a goal... exercise. we've been working on it, but it hasn't been completely successful quite yet. little by little.

today we visited a little diner, and the sister had the name cokes. look what one we found!

​of course we had to take a picture... granada has some great old catholic churches that we are going to try and visit next week.. the only problem with going whenever we want is that they aren't in our area. (we have to ask for permission to leave our area...) so next week... pictures!

i love you all, and thank you for your emails.
hermana graves 

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