Wednesday, April 29, 2015

el 20 de Abril

so first things first, this happened this week:

​which means, that i really could be an aunt by the time I get home. scary! but I am very excited for Rachel and Eric. they are really cute, and even if Eric didn't write me like he was supposed to, I can still be happy for them!

and then this happened this morning:

​dad ran boston, and finished in 3:24:30. which is faster than i could run a half marathon, if i really tried. he is a humble man, so i will brag for him.

first things first, I would love to thank the sisters that wrote me this week, and their sweet letters! i am currently working on how to write you back using snail mail, but that requires asking the right elders. but thank you, your letters were a grand comfort!

this week:
tuesday: we worked with the sister training leader, Hermana Enniss, who is almost done with her mission. which is sad, because she's amazing. she's ready to go home, and watch Frozen, which she has heard all the music to, but hasn't actually seen yet!

wednesday we played an hour and half long game of Simon Says looking for a member in Camilo Ortega, a really big part of town. turns out his address is really wrong, so we are going to try again this wednesday.

thursday the realization came of what day it is and what the rest of the world is doing. it's april. just three short months until my birthday, and about three weeks until i am a ::normal:: missionary. no bueno

friday, the day the whole wide world decided to have an accident, leave Loma Linda, and never return. this week, we will be doing a lot of contacting, trying to find new people to teach because our teaching records are getting a little scarce.

saturday was feliz cumpleaños to hermana gladis, the great cocinera. 

domingo, a rough day healthwise, but thanks to some natural and modern medicine, i am feeling a lot better.

1. biggest challenge: staying postive through bad health of me and my investigators
2. biggest concern: getting the marriage of four investigators in the books
3. biggest success: having two investigators pray for the first time, sincerely!
4. favorite person and why: hermana gladis rojas, becuase she's pretty much the cutest!

i mean, who doesn't love a little sass?!

5. most significant tender mercy: ibuprofen
6. looking forward to: working in different/new parts of our area to find new people
7. goals for this week: better my spanish grammar
8. scripture: john 5:39 ::search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.:: 

we have placed a large emphasis these past few weeks with our converts on daily scripture study, not just reading. but pondering, thinking, ::how does this apply in my life? what is [insert book of mormon writer here] trying to say to me?:: and praying for inspiration.

this really works. when we pray for inspiration from the scriptures, we will receive. the scriptures are here to help us know the will of God in our lives. we need only open our eyes, and read.

hermana graves

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